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Saturday, 11 July, 2020
BTA Research Center
Category: Business Affaires
The impact of the “BTA – BankMed Investment Index” will be crucial in improving the overall situation of the commercial sector on one hand, and in consolidating the elements of negotiation with the concerned public;authorities on the other hand ,as BTA realized that the absence of any convincing scientific indicator related to commercial investment has strongly contributed into depriving the trade sector of loans subsidized by the government.
Category: Business Affaires

أطلقت جمعية تجار بيروت هذه الدراسة حول واقع سوق العمل في قطاع التجارة، بما يعانيه من صعوبات وفجوات إحصائية وعدم المواءمة بين مخرجات التعليم ال

Category: Business Affaires
The objective of the “Beirut Traders Association – Fransabank Retail Index” is to give an estimation of the trend of the economic activity in the retail trade sector on a quarterly basis. The index includes the main retail goods and services sectors.
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