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Monday, 22 July, 2019
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The second edition of "World Food India" from 1st to 4th November, 2019 at New Delhi
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Practical Labor & Social Security Law Workshops for Human Resources & Auditors Professionals

Dear HR Practitioners & Businessmen Professionals, 

Following the previous successful Labor & Social Security Law Workshops that were held in Lebanon for Human Resources and Auditors Professionals,Beirut Traders Association is glad to inform you about two intensive Workshops organized through Professional Training & Consulting (PTC) www.ptcae.com, an international training and consulting firm. 

Labor Law Workshop for Two Days
(February 19 & 20, 2015)
09:30 - 15:00

 USD /500 TTC/ Per Person

Download Arabic Brochure | Register Online

  1. Employment Law & the Ministry of Labor
  2. Employees Internal Regulations
  3. Fixed Term Contracts & Open-Ended Contracts
  4. Probation Period
  5. Other kinds of contracts not subject to the Employment Law
  6. Registration with the National Social Security Fund "NSSF"
  7. Working Hours & Overtime
  8. Kinds of Leaves: Annual Leave, Maternity Leave, Death Leave, Sick Leave, Marriage Leave?
  9. Public Official Holidays
  10. Salary types
  11. Salary supplements: Transportation & Educational Allowances
  12. Dismissal Notice
  13. Fair & Unfair Dismissal 
  14. Cases in which the employer can terminate the employment contract without serving any notice nor paying any indemnity
  15. Cases in which the employee can terminate the employment contract without serving any notice nor paying any indemnity
  16. Confidentiality Clause
  17. Non-Compete Clause
  18. Foreign Employee
  19. Foreign Employee & the NSSF
  20. Work Permit 
  21. Handicap Employee
  22. Redundancy 
  23. Labor Arbitration Tribunal 
  24. Criminal prosecution in case of non-execution of a judgement rendered by the Labor Arbitration Tribunal 
  25. Arbitration in Employment Contracts? 
  26. HIV/AIDS & the World of Work in Lebanon: In compliance with the International Labor Organization ("ILO") standards? 
  27. Taxation Law
  28. Syndicates Law (Employees & Employers)
  29. Employee's debt in case of Bankruptcy
  30. Syrians & Palestinians Refugees

Optional Third Day Workshop

(February 24, 2015)
09:30 - 15:00

USD /250 TTC/ Per Person  

This additional day will comprise intensive case studies specific for HR: Internal Regulations, Contracts, Warnings, etc.... 

 Social Security Law Workshop for Two Days
(March 5 & 6, 2015)
09:30 - 15:00

USD /500 TTC/ Per Person

Download Arabic Brochure | Register Online


I- Registration before the Social Security National Fund

a- Registration deadline 
b- Penalties in case of non-declaration 
c- Calculation of contributions 
d- Benefits that should be calculated into contributions

          1. Transportation allowance? 
          2. Family allowances? 

          3. Commission? 
          4. Expenses allowance? 
          5. Profits? 
          6. Warning compensation? 
          7. Overtime compensation? 
          8. Bonuses?
          9. Other benefits? 

II- Workers that should be registered at the NSSF; What about?

a- Permanent Worker
b- Temporary Worker
c- Seasonal Worker
d- Worker during the probation period
e- Internship Worker
f- Adolescent Worker
g- Foreign Worker
h- In case of two labor contracts with two different employers? 
i- Workers at the Embassies? 
j- Workers at the Banks? 
k- Chairman or partner with a limited liability company SARL? 
l- Chairman or member of the Board of Directors in a SAL? 
m- Director or partner in an Unlimited Partnership or Limited Partnership by Shares? 
n- Chairman or member of the Board at Lebanese and Foreign Associations? 

III- Social Security Benefits

a- Sickness Maternity Insurance Branch 

      1. Persons who benefit from such branch 
      2. Benefits of such branch in case of: 

         * Sickness
         * Maternity 
         * Death
b- Family Allowance Branch 
     1. Persons Who benefit from such branch
     2.Benefits amount and way of payment

c- End of Service Indemnity Branch 

        1. Way of calculation 
        2. Total indemnity 
        3. Partial Indemnity 
        4. Additional Indemnity 
        5. Mandatory and optional Retirement 
        6. In case of working years at different employers
        7. In case of disability 
        8. Duties of the employer in case payment of indemnity 
IV- Work Accidents 
        a. Who is responsible of compensation payment? 
        b. The way of compensation calculation 

                * Permanent partial disability 
                * Permanent total disability 
                * Temporary incapacity 
                * Death
        c. Time limit for payment of compensation 
        d. The role of private insurance companies
        e. Compensation for the foreign employee
        f. Responsibility of the party who caused the damage. 

 Speaker: Dr. Charbel Aoun Aoun

  • Graduated from Cergy- Pontoise University in France with a Ph.D in law on 2006. 
  • Attorney at Law duly registered at the Beirut Bar Association (“BBA”) and the International Bar Association (“IBA”) in London. 
  • Managing partner at "Aoun & Associates Law Firm"; www.aounlawfirm.com
  • Professor of Law at several universities and institutions in Lebanon. 
  • Legal consultant (external collaborator) for the International Labor Organization (“ILO”), and is assisting it with several projects and labor reform in Lebanon, Jordan and Syria
  • Member of the European Lawyers Association (“ELA”) headquartered in Italy. The Association groups one Law Firm in each different country in the world. (for more information: www.europeanlawyersassociation.com/ELA/lebanon.html
  • Has given several seminars and conferences for human resources professionals for PHR/SPHR students (up to three conferences or seminars per year). 

Important Notes:

  • Accredited Certificates will be awarded to all attendees
  • Venue: Hotel Holiday-Inn, Dunes (Beirut- Lebanon)
  • Each Workshop package will include lunch (after 15:00), coffee breaks, handouts. 

For additionalinformation regarding the workshop content, you may contact Dr. Charbel Aoun byemail at charbel.aoun@aounlawfirm.com orby phone on 00 961 70 151 751

Kindly note thatonline registration is mandatory. For additional information, you may contact ProfessionalTraining & Consulting (PTC) by email at elisabeth@ptclb.com or by phone on 00 96176 711 792


Charbel Aoun Aoun, Ph.D 

 Attorney at Law

 University Professor

 Consultant with the International Labor Organization("ILO") 

T.           00 961 1 422 834 (5)

M.          00 961 70 151 751

F.            00961 1 616 038

E.           charbel.aoun@aounlawfirm.com  

Web.      www.aounlawfirm.com

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