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رسمالنا كلمتنا
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Tuesday, 18 June, 2019
BTA Research Center
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BTA - Fransabank Retail Index

“BTA-Fransabank Retail Index” for the second quarter of 2018 (Q2-2018) Inflation accelerates ... Markets are in crisis … Wait and See..

The Lebanese economic organizations have been voicing out warnings repeatedly about the deteriorating situation. These warnings were further supported lately by declarations of Beirut Traders Association President, calling upon all concerned parties – official, public and private, to join their efforts in an attempt to salvage the commercial sector in Lebanon – a vital element of the Lebanese economy, which generates more than one third of the country’s GDP.

He further called upon all national parties to exert their utmost for the formation of a new government, without any further delay, and for ensuring that the new ministers do have the adequate qualifications and capabilities that ensure their ability to implement immediately all what is required to stop the ongoing economic deterioration and design a crisis program that aims at revitalizing the agonizing commercial sector alongside all other ailing economic sectors... Download Full Q2 Index in English & Arabic languages.

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