The “Intention to Invest Component” indicates the wholesalers’ willingness to increase or decrease their investment activities in the upcoming period.

The Intention to Invest Component for the fourth quarter of 2016 reveals a slight improvement and a more settled vision within the market. This implies that Lebanese wholesalers react instantly to positive indicators, even before these indicators would materialize. As such, some wholesalers revealed a clear intention to increase their investments in the upcoming period, while the majority of wholesalers remained vigilant, revealing no indication to stimulate activity or increase their investments. As a result, the computed results of “The Intention to Invest Component” for the third quarter of 2016 recorded a decline that reached (0.01128) on a scale of (-3 to +3),which had been adopted to express the level of intentions to invest or disinvest, compared to -0.00438 that was recorded in the previous quarter. Hereby, traders indicate their willingness to invest by choosing a degree between -3 (definite willingness to disinvest) and +3 (definite willingness to invest) or zero in case they wanted to keep the situation at its present condition. This figure is normalized into the range [0, 100] where it amounts to 50.19, compared to 49.93 in the previous quarter. The figure reveals some improvement in wholesalers’ intentions. This positive trend is expected to further crystalize once positive developments are confirmed, especially that an encouraging atmosphere has been prevailing since the election of a new president and the formation of a new cabinet. Download full Q4-2016 Index in English and Arabic Languages.

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