Lebanon is situated in a strategic geographical location: at the heart of the Middle East and the crossroads of three continents: Africa, Europe and Asia; Lebanon has long been the convergence point of trade routes and the meeting place for a wide variety of people, the basis of today’s uniquely diverse and rich national culture Lebanon offers the most liberal investment climate in the Middle East backed by a free market economy, a long tradition of free trade regime,a sophisticated banking system, a developed legal framework, a superbly skilled workforce, and an exceptional lifestyle. Lebanon offers a large number of investment opportunities in all sectors of the Lebanese national economy and more specifically in the Tourism and Agro-food industries, Light & Medium industries, Agriculture, Health, Telecommunications, Energy, Environment, Transportation, and Information Technology sectors.

The government has shown commitment to protect economic competitiveness and has implemented a number of structural reforms to further stimulate growth and investments. These reforms have been attractive to foreign investments. 

New policies have been adopted, and modern laws have been promulgated such as :

- Foreign Acquisition of Property law that facilitates and streamlines the acquisition of real estate by foreigners.
- The implementation of the Investment Law and the establishment of The Investment Development Authority of Lebanon (IDAL).
- Customs Law that facilitates import and export procedures.
- Reduction of Customs Duties on almost all imports and especially raw material, equipment destined for industrial use, and IT-related products.