There are many advantages of investing in Lebanon that can be summarized as follows:

1- Free Market Economy: Lebanon offers the most liberal investment climate in the Middle East and is ranked as one of the freest economy regionally and internationally, with the Government maintaining a non‐interventionist stance toward private investments. 

2- Liberal Financial Environment: Lebanon is known for its liberal financial environment with a free exchange regime, full currency convertibility policies and absence of restricted flows of capital, remittances or dividends.

3- Banking Secrecy: Lebanon had a long tradition of banking confidentiality and privacy officially codified in the Banking Secrecy Law. In 2002, the traditional banking secrecy law in Lebanon has, been amended to empower the Special Investigation Committee (SIC) to lift bank secrecy and investigate suspicious transactions to ensure compliance with anti money laundering law.

4- Attractive corporate taxation and Fiscal Incentives: Lebanon has one of the most favorable taxation schemes and fiscal incentives worldwide.

5- Non-Discriminatory and Efficient Legal Framework: Lebanon provides Protection of private property and right and equality between the Lebanese and Non Lebanese.

6- Strategic Location: A strategic geographical location as a transshipment point between a variety of Arab countries and overseas.

7- Labor Cost: Lebanon is recognised for the young, high skilled, educated and multilingual (Arabic, English and French) workforce.

8- Quality Health Care & High Education: Lebanon is internationally renowned for the quality of its hospitals and medical centers. The healthcare system is amongst the best performer amongst developed and emerging economies.

9- Rich History and Culture: Throughout history, Lebanon has been a contact centre between various cultures and civilizations, rendering it a highly cosmopolitan country.

10- High Quality of Life: Lebanon offers a wide variety of tourism attractions and activities all year round in natural scenery from beautiful beaches to mountains and valleys. With its ambiance of hospitality and warmth, Lebanon served as the business, cultural, academic and touristic center of the MENA