a. Qualifications:

i. The Merchant should have eighteen years and above to become a merchant and carry out commercial activities.
ii. The Merchant should carry out Commercial Activities. 

b. Prohibited activities:

Some commercial activities are prohibited to Merchants by certain institutions or organizations such as banks.
Foreign Merchants are prohibited to carry out the activity of Commercial Representation.

c. Formation:

Registration in the Commercial Register within 1 Month from starting the business.

1. Information and Documents required:

• Full name, Place and Date of Birth of the Merchant with a copy of the ID or Passport.
• Commercial Name under which he is carrying out his business.
• Location of the Business along with the lease Agreement if any.
• The Activities forming the objectives of the Commerce.
• Full Name, Nationality, place and Date of Birth of all persons authorized to represent the Merchant.

2. Registration Procedures and Cost:

An Application should be presented to the Competent Commercial Register where the Business is located by the Merchant or his legal representative along with the documents required. Then the Merchant or his legal representative should pass by the Office of the Ministry of Finance to pay the Tax. Afterward, the Commercial Register will issue the relevant Judiciary Fees to be paid by the Merchant and will finalize the Registration procedures.

The Official Charges for the registration of a Merchant at the Commercial Register is estimated as follows:

- Financial Tax: LBP/750.000/ (Around USD/500/).
- Judicial Fees: LBP/375.000/ (Around USD/250/).
- Stamps: LBP/3000/ (Around USD/2/)
- POA Registration if any: LBP/100.000/ (Around USD/67/)
- Each Certified True Copy of the Registration Documents: LBP/2.000/.